Irvin V. Chandler

I LOVE and Support our president Barack Obama,
but I disagree with his gay rights this and that bill signing.
First there was gay pride, now there's chan.44, a list of
homosexual movies, prop. 8 etc.
Invasion of churches, seems like they mean to force
their absured homosexual life style on every one come what may.

Does it ever occur to them, that there are those of us in
this world, who do not wish to be gay, and that our natural
God given rights as men who love women, and women who love men,
must be respected.

Where would we all be in later years, if gays had their way,
there would be no new born children to continue the Human Race.
I say NO to any sort of gay union PERIOD.
and our Dear President
ps don't let any one force you to side with them
because of their vote,
allow GOD Almighty to help you to make
your decisions.

Irvin V. Chandler
Yonkers N.Y

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